Iris Solutions PSD2 cases

Open banking as a foundation for the formation of models for improving the services and products of innovative companies, financial institutions, retailers.

We want to challenge the participants to use their knowledge and ideas how the  opportunities generated by Openbanking can develop new models for the following areas of business:

Personal Finance Management 

Loyalty programs 

Cash back-programs 

Behaivior analysis for the purpose of lending / insurance …

Currency exchange 

Financials analysis for SME`s based upon Open-banking data 

Payments initiation ( in web, in brick and mortar shops, payment links, invoices) 


Cloud -based services for SME`s

Surprise us 😊 

Iris Solutions will provide free access and support to all participants who wish to test and develop their solutions during the hackathon.

Iris Solutions  will also determine 3 winners, developing solutions in Open-banking, to which the company  will provide:

6-month free access to the test environment of IRIS PSD 2 HUB

Mentoring and legal assistance in case one of the teams wants to develop their products and services based on Open-banking.