Facilitate access to credit at Honest conditions for refugees


Refugees may need financing to complete their settlement in Bulgaria. However, because of their absence of credit history and recent footprint, they will probably be rejected or might be abused by very expensive fast loan options


  • Adapt existing scoring models
  • Try to extract and process credit history from their home country credit bureau
  • Rebuild the professional history using LinkedIn, Facebook or crowdsourced confirmation of previous job experience
  • Implement the concept of vouching by fellows in exile, new employer, host, …
  • Propose to investors the option to decrease the interest rate on these loans

About the company

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Klear was founded in 2015 by senior bank executives who left their well-paid jobs to create a fair alternative to personal lending and investing. Our Peer-to-Peer lending platform connects people looking for higher returns on their savings with people looking for fairly-priced loans, offering better deals to both sides. Follow us on our mission to create a more fair and impact-conscious financial world!