Can Fintech company provide the full scope of features of digital payment Account?

Context of the case study

It will show to participants that FinTech companies can provide the same services, with better UX, piecing and security levels.

The Idea

The idea behind is to provoke young people to identify that the FinTech sector is able to replace and provide a full scope of services vs traditional financial institutions, including all needs in the payment area. FinTech companies are leading in innovations and are facing new standards in UX.


The benefit of bringing life this Case study will be for both physical and legal entities, e.g. the society in general, by saving time and money. Participants will benefit to realize one by one feature around payment account and its options as services.

About the company

Paysera Bulgaria represents the Lithuanian electronic money institution Paysera LT, UAB and is one of the first typical fintech companies in the country. Paysera offers payment services to companies and individuals in more than 180 countries around the world and in over 25 different currencies. The company offers a digital payment account, with IBAN in BGN, RON and EUR, the possibility for transfers via SEPA and Target 2. Other services that Paysera offers are payments for merchants (virtual POS), physical POS for small retailers, mobile applications, online ticket sales systems for events and mobile payments with QR codes, Paysera payment cards, etc. entered the Bulgarian market in mid-2016 and by Feb 2021 Bulgarian clients of the platform are over 34,000 individuals and 5,200 companies.